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CRASH - International Fantastic Cinema Festival will take place between December 7th and 10th this year

CRASH – International Fantastic Cinema Exhibition already has a date to take place. From December 7th to 10th, 2023, the festival will hold its historic 15th edition, this year, with the support of the Goiás Art and Culture Fund – FAC, through the notice to promote festivals and events 8/2023. The CRASH artist for this edition is Amanda Miranda (1995). Graphic artist, art director, illustrator, designer and comic book author, she uses bold colors to address thorny and unusual themes. Violence, gender and body horror are some of the recurring topics in his works.

“We have always taken great care in choosing the artists responsible for CRASH’s visual identity. This time, this concern was increased by the anniversary: 15 editions of a genre film festival are not for everyone”, say the festival organizers, Márcia Deretti and Márcio Jr., from MMarte Produções.


Amanda Miranda

For her journalistic works, the São Paulo native was a finalist for the Vladimir Herzog Amnesty and Human Rights award in the Art category, in 2020. The following year, she was listed as a highlight in the Art and Architecture category of the Forbes 30 under 30, 2021. As a freelancer, He has worked for clients such as Adobe, Netflix, Mubi, Pulitzer Center, The Intercept Brasil, Jornal O Globo, UOL and Agência Pública.


An undisputed highlight in the contemporary Brazilian comics scene, he published A Urna (Monstra), Juízo (independent edition) and Aparição (Ugra). His most recent work in the area consists of participating in the now historic anthology Braba, launched in the United States by the prestigious publisher Fantagraphics Books – and published in Brazil by Mino.

CRASH received a total of 598 entries from 47 countries


CRASH has closed registrations for its 2023 edition with almost 600 films registered. Of the 598 registrations made between August 28th of this year and October 10th, Brazil came first, with 336 films, that is, approximately 57% of productions. In second place comes Spain, with 60; third place is occupied by the United States, with 32; France comes next, with 20; Canada, with 17; and Germany, Iran and the United Kingdom are present with 11 works each. In total, 47 countries sent productions that will go through jury selection.

We had around a hundred more registrations than last year, which demonstrates the growing success of the exhibition, but, mainly, the recovery of the audiovisual sector in Brazil, since the largest number of entries are from national productions”, he notes Márcia Deretti, who together with Márcio Jr., both from MMarte Produções, are the directors of CRASH.

Check out the list of those selected here. The curatorship is signed by experts André LDC, Beatriz Saldanha, Carlos Primati, Gurcius Gewdner and, also, by Márcio Jr. and Márcia Deretti (members of the Goiana School of Animated Drawing) for the selection of animated films.


CRASH will choose the best films in four categories: Best National Short Film, Best Foreign Short Film, Best Animation and Best Feature Film. The winning films will be chosen by a jury to be announced by the event organizers.




One of this year's workshops is Reframing the Monster: The Transformative History of 'Queer' Horror Cinema, led by Beatriz Saldanha. The workshop explores LGBTQIA+ representation in the history of horror cinema, highlighting how the genre has been a lens to discuss social and cultural issues.


Another workshop is Soundtracks for Horror Films, with Paulo Beto, where participants will delve into the importance of the soundtrack in horror cinema and how it activates primordial emotions and survival instincts in viewers.

Honored: Dennison Ramalho

To celebrate its 15th edition, CRASH will have filmmaker Dennison Ramalho as a special guest. Dennison is a renowned Brazilian filmmaker and screenwriter of horror films and series, author of AMOR SÓ DE MÃE (2002) and MORTO Não FALA (2019).  He will participate in a chat with the public after screening a special selection of his films.

Troma and releases


This year, CRASH becomes part of the Troma Latin America Festival, which celebrates the legacy of the legendary independent production company led by Lloyd Kaufman, responsible for B cinema classics such as the priceless Toxic Avenger.

CRASH will also continue its tradition of releasing books and publications related to the fantasy genre, offering participants an opportunity to delve deeper into film theory and analysis.



CRASH, originally called TRASH – MOSTRA GOIANA DE VÍDEOS INDEPENDENTES, was the first audiovisual event in the State of Goiás, with its first edition taking place between the 9th and 11th of July 1999, at the Martim Cererê Cultural Center. It focuses on the most alternative and independent audiovisual production in the country.


CRASH is a competitive exhibition and, above all, a channel for displaying audiovisual experiences in the fantastic genre (horror, science fiction and fantasy). It will be held between the 7th and 10th of December, at Cine Cultura.


More information:

 (62) 98188-3223 – Márcia Deretti

(62) 98117-3345 – Márcio Jr.


Ficha técnica / Credits:

Produção executiva e coordenação de produção

Executive production and production coordination

Márcio Paixão Júnior & Márcia Deretti

Curadoria / Curatorship

Carlos Primati, Beatriz Saldanha, Gurcius Gewdner, André LDC, Márcio Paixão Júnior e Márcia Deretti

Consultoria / Consulting

Carlos Primati e Beatriz Saldanha

Produção internacional / International production


Gurcius Gewdner

Júri de premiação / Award jury

Amanda Miranda, Fredé CF, Law Tissot, Keith Valéria, Ciro Inácio Marcondes, Renné França, Lima Neto, Dustan Oeven e Dani Fiuza

Assistente de produção e captação de filmes

Production assistant and film captation

Gurcius Gewdner, Rafael Ferreira Franco e

Ana Clara Costa Dias

Assessoria de imprensa / Communication advisory


Karla Rady e Wanja Borges (Olho Comunicação)

Empresa produtora / Producing company

MMarte Produções

Arte / Art Amanda Miranda

Design / Design Danilo Itty

Edição do Catálogo Impresso / Edition of the printed catalog


Carlos Primati e Márcio Paixão Júnior

Vinheta de abertura / Opening vignette

Fabrício Rodrigues de Castro e Rildo Farias (Animatriz Studio)

Tradução e legendas / Translation and subtitles


Carlos Primati

Preparação de filmes e making of

Film preparation and making of

Andréia Miklos e Sérgio Valério

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